Tuesday, October 9, 2012

No preview today

Been busy. As I said, I put the order for the cards out yesterday. Hopefully they get here in a reasonable time.

I was gonna order something else with them but artscow has INCREDIBLY HIGH shipping costs. It's not bad if you are ordering a couple of things for yourself, but when ordering things for a dozen people..well...the shipping for the order was more than the actual order ^^

So, I am looking for somewhere other than artscow to make the next batch of cards. Unfortunately, everywhere I have found either has a much higher minimum number of cards needed to be printed, is in hong kong, or has a crappy webpage.  Feel free to send any leads if you have em

Also, I changed the poll and based on it, might make another bulk order. With shirts, the price actually goes down the more you order, unlike artscow ^_^

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