Monday, October 8, 2012

4eX 21

So, the majority of the characters in this set have been spoiled by now so I wanted to take the time to talk about one of the aspects of the game this set explores. I don't have a cool word for it, but basically, every character comes with a survival potential and threat potential. The higher level the character, the higher both of these are, and when one raises above the average, the other lowers, or some other balance is added.

So on average, a level 5 character has 3 hp, around 16 ac and a threat of 2-3 wounds. Plus an ability of some sort. Sometimes its movement, sometimes it's extra wounds or ranged strikes. The balance is difficult because of abilities, but all in all, their survivability and threat is often higher than the sum of their stats.

So, take a look at the level 5 rogue (Aisiat) previewed yesterday.  He is about average threat and higher survivability because of his stealth. However, if he uses his spend react, he goes from a net 3hp to 4 and each one of those characters gains stealth. His threat potential increases as well, especially in the tempo department since the rebellious enter in the front rank.

So, it might be obvious, it might just seem obvious. It's just something I wanted to explore in game design, but while the survivability and threat of Aisiat may seem to increase, that is not always the case. Some decks deal well with masses but not with a single powerful character, and vice versa. So choosing when to use Aisiats spend order and when not to is important.

I kinda digressed, I'm just typing, not gonna edit. Anyway, the key point of the design theme is that a character is worth so much survivability and threat based on level and abilities, but that survivability and threat do not have to remain tied to that character after they enter play, and while it may seem logical more characters are better, that is not always the case. Sometimes they are and sometimes a few solid characters are better than many weaker characters, even if their over HP are equal.\

It doesn't really sound that deep after typing it, but I took the time to so you guys get to read it ^_^

Also here's a preview. It's not a character this time

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