Friday, August 31, 2012

4eXtended, the plan

 So I have this Blog now and I don't have any previews yet (should have some next week though) so I don't really know what all to talk about.  That's your queue, players, to ask some questions if you have any.

I do have something to start with though. I am going to take a minute to talk about my intentions for 4eXtended.

as I mentioned on ToL, 4eXtended is going to be in a free, print and play format. What this means is that when the set comes out, a PDF will be provided for download. I will probably separate it into several formats. Most likely per faction for Characters and per class for action and items. That should be easier to download and print, instead of having a single PDF.

Art for 4eXtended will be completely recycled from previous sets. I understand this may cause confusion, especially for those of you who remember cards more by their picture than by their name. However, there really is no other option if new cards are to be designed. With that said I have made some rules for art recycling.
  1. I will not re-use art that is already in 4e. At first I was worried about Chosen daemons, but it turns out that was an unfounded worry after looking through 10 years of prior art.
  2. I will not re-use Warlord, as in characters with the Warlord trait,art. Unfortunately what this also means is that Warlords will no longer be full bleed.

Next post, I will have a preview or two and talk about the theme of the upcoming set.
(hint: Khilkhameth) =D

Thanks for reading

Friday, August 24, 2012

a test

As most of you should have heard by now, "The game will not die as long as you guys keep playing it."  :P

So, for those of you who don't know me, I'm Melon aka Tommy Pistole, former design team and lead designer for a while in the last legs of PI. I got on design in the last gasps of AEG's run also, hopefully it's all coincidence and I don't just kill games >.>

Anyway, enough of that. The reason for this post and this blog is...4eXtended.  I at one point said I would have a continuation of 4e out for Gencon. Obviously it didn't happen. I forgot to factor into account all those things I didn't have to worry about before, like typesetting, art and names.  I am still working on it. I am planning for September or October for a full release and I will be using this Blog for previews, so stay tuned!

That's it for now.