Aukos: Oncer per turn should be Once per turn. Fixed
Excoriating Slab - Multiplication has traditionally been little "x" instead of "*".  - Fixed
Shiv - " assassin after Robert[,] and I figure it takes one to stop one. Will you help us, Aisiat[?]" - Fixed
Yavlo's Diplomacy - No artist ("Nblah") - Fixed

(New) Hippia: Hippia's first Order is now a Spend Order.

Brother Sterrance his ability now reads: "Order: Summon 1 Ghed Eliss and then kill Brother Sterrance."
Debris Gargoyle his ability now reads: "Order: Target 2 Debris Gargoyles you control: Summon 1 Mortar Gargoyle and then kill the targets."
Mantus Heed His react now reads: "React: Once per turn, after a character pays the costs for an action that will draw one or more cards from the top of their deck: The cards are not drawn."
Soul Rider His first ability now reads: "React: After entering play from your hand: ...."
Tempered Gargoyle On his React, the words "equipped to" are changed to "equip it to"
Hoist the Black Flag typo fixed, said Hardned Cut-throats instead of Hardened.

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  1. The Admiral also has a typo in his self referencerd name.