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4eX - Return to the Accordlands - Post 4

And the last of the items, the cleric items.

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4eX -Return to the Accordlands - post 2

Edited Tome of Expertise in the last post because the art was already used. 
Here are some fighter items.

I wrote quite a bit about the story last time, I know it's kinda piece meal (because, I don't exactly know where Arne was going with things). But if you have questions, feedback whatever please post XD

Wednesday, April 17, 2013

4eX set two - Return to the Accordlands

Hi, I am still alive and I guess this is still going. Sorry things are late but life gets in the way sometimes.

Okay so, there will be little to no story because well, that's how it goes.  I am going to give a bit of a synopsis of what is happening and has happened.

At the end of epic/beginning of 4e some crazy portals appeared and heroes started hopping through, going to thessyria.  At this time, Legion (Abyssal Medusan lord) is rampaging around the Accordlands so I guess that is incentive enough to leave. Or maybe the leaving was unintentional. I'm not sure.

Anyway, in Thessyria we meet the Chosen. There hasn't been a lot of talk about the Chosen's gods and why they have weird daemons instead of abyssals and wear masks and what not. So here is the basics...

In the beginning, before peoples and elves and dwarves, The Dragon made some children. These are now called "The Ancient Ones". Anyway, everyone was happy but The Dragon is crazy and started eating them, they rebelled and went crazy. Now we have crazy cthulhu esque super gods that want to kill The Dragon and also rule everything. These are the gods of The Chosen.

I'm not sure if the story team had plans for what was going down with Utnapistam, but here is my version ^_^

First of all, Sister Amanda was looking for the Old Gods for Niobe. Anyway, she found them. The Chosen learned that she found them, but Amanda eluded capture.  Apparently, The Chosen have a weakness to water and needed to get to the Isle of the Gods, so they made a big floating daemon boat, that sailed over to the isle of the gods to destroy it.  (that was what was trying to be reflected in the challenge rules, as it just floated by whatever was trying to stop it)

So anyway, how I wanted it to go was that The Chosen captured the Thessyrian gods. Specifically, the Oneiroi were their captors, keeping the gods locked up in their dream dimension. Apparently secrecy was their main defense since they fell so easily ^^;;

So as the story stands in Aftermath.
*The Thessyrian gods have been freed
*The Isle of Gods has a bunch of daemons on it now
*The Accordlands are being over run by Legion and his daemons
*The Oneiroi are unemployed
*The City of Gold has fallen
*Pretty much everyone is at war

And now the next set: Return to the Accordlands
I'll get a summary of what's happening later on.

I know I said I wasn't going to do previews, but not everything is finished. So why not >.>