Friday, October 19, 2012

4eX 27


I think it's been a few days. I apologize.  It's been kinda hectic and I forgot to blog =3
As I said, it's been busy so I am not as far a long on typesetting as I should be. I will catch up next week on actions. Until then, I shall finish off the character previews.

Here are some dwarfs. Unfortunately, it's hard to tell their value (or lack of) without seeing the cards they summon ;p

Tempered Gargoyle is a remake of an old card really, even using the same picture. Just instead of attaching the gargoyle as an armor, it summons an armor. 

Similar to Sigurdur in giving out axes...the axes he gives out are not as good as Sigurdur's because he is not as high level a blacksmith.

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