Monday, October 1, 2012

4eX 15

So, still typesetting @_@
Anyway, as I have been writing things, I started to wonder why Warlord still uses "Remove from game" when every other game was smart enough to denote 1 word to meant the same thing. So I have promoted the word Banish into the glossary of keywords.

Banish = Remove from the game.

Here are some previews =)

Apparently only elves banish things in this set, so here they are
(also Karem Tansiq does and has been fixed)

Isis Winterborn has an interesting ability that is a meta ability but also combo's with a few elves to be a proactive ability instead.
 Otin Dythanus is pretty much a clone of Kellemen for those who played in that time period. I have always liked Kellemen and thought he was very iconic for necromantic crowd control.
 And since someone was curious, here is The Big One...I think it's a laser cannon o.O

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