Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Halloween Overlord


I will, tomorrow, be making a page with full information, but I wanted to get this out as soon as possible because the time frame is very limited.

I was asked to create a Halloween Overlord for a certain event, with the asker supplying the art. I said I would but I wanted all of the Warlord community to be able to take part in it, not just that persons venue. That was about a week ago and Halloween is not far off.

So as I said, I tomorrow night I will get a page up with all the information, but I will post a summary now.
I will be printing out the cards from Artscow.  I have looked around and not find anyone that suited my needs better, however they are located in hongkong (every place i found that had what I needed was in hong kong >.>)  Anyway, so there is the possibility of delayed shipping and such, but its the best I found.

Anyway, I will be sorting the cards as 8 person tournament kits and collecting money for them via paypal. A tournament kit will have 3 overlords, 12 participation prizes, 4 top 4 prizes, and 1 of each for the organizer.
For 22 cards total.
I am estimating 20 dollars for a kit, shipping included.

I want to STRESS (so much so that its all caps, italicized, bolded and commented on!) that this is not a business and I am not making a profit on this. This is a person collecting money to make a group order.

However, I am overestimating costs because I simply cannot afford to underestimate (I am flat broke). If I end up with extra money after everything is printed, shipped to me, then shipped to you, it will be saved for other Warlord projects, such as buying art or tables at gencon. 

Also, it needs to be said, that since I am not a business, if all the cards are lost at sea, I can't refund anyone. As mentioned before, flat broke.  So, if you don't trust me for whatever reason, don't go in on it.

Now, as I said, very short time frame. I will get a page up detailing costs and how to get it to me, what info I need, etc, tomorrow night. I will be putting the order into Artscow Sunday night/Monday morning. Leaving you guys 3 days to decide if you want this.  Which is why I am posting this now. If your TO doesn't keep up with things, let them know now so they can get ready.

Because, as I said, shipping form Hong Kong. I am doing the expensive shipping which should take 4-6 days turn around, and then I have to ship it to everyone with a week or so turn around, which means if we are lucky, everyone will get it this month >.>

and some pictures, cus we like those

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  1. whoever made the art. seriously awesome!!!!