Monday, October 22, 2012


So 3 tournaments with Ol' Jack happened this weekend and it sounds like he was well received. Which is good.

Previews should start up regularly again by the end of the week.

Also again, if you are having a tournament and haven't let me know, please do so. Otherwise I am waiting until the second shipment gets in to ship cards out so I don't have to do this twice.


  1. Hey Meko, any change we can get a print n' play Halloween Overlord version? Or at least a big spoiler of this cool Overlord Attack.

    And by the way any date on the full set release? It's getting good bro, keep up the good work.

    1. There will be print n play versions of the cards (and everything I make) but I won't release them til later.

      I am not sure about the full release yet unfortunately =( Since several people have jobs to do, and everyone has irl obligations, getting everything finished is taking longer than I anticipated.

      Well, I am pretty certain it will be done before the year is up, hopefully before december XD

      thanks =)

  2. Thanks for the fast reply bro. Keep up the good job. I'm an old Bounty Hunter that's returning to the game, and now I'm trying to get all that I miss, so take your time, and in a couple of months I might even help if you need.