Friday, September 7, 2012

Hethrhod Aialla

So, back at the end of epic edition AEG had a big XP auction. One of the prizes was to bring back a character as a Warlord. Some people pooled their points together and won that prize and chose Aialla Truthlight as their returning Warlord. Shortly after AEG canceled Warlord, PI picked it up and Aialla never got remade. So I am remaking it now. Hopefully those who won the auction like the Warlord.

As mentioned before, we are teaming up weak classes and strong classes in this set, which is something Aialla already had going for her. Her previous ability...well, the design team long ago decided not to make multi class warlords with +1 level for things. There was a time when multi class was all the ability a character got.  So, in line with the theme of the warlords in this set, Aialla works with gargoyles.

I know some people find dwarves boring and Aialla's text is not as unique nor have the wow factor of Adela's, but it is probably more consistent and useable every turn, which is important for a support warlord. However, her second react gives her an opportunity no dwarf warlord has had before and both reacts may allow you to make a dwarf deck that is faster than normal.

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