Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Anton the Everchanging

So with Free Kingdoms, the idea from the start was to get a rogue/wizard that worked with lycanthropes. I wanted something unique for him though. Something that hadn't really been done before. After 10 years that can get difficult to do.  After talking with story we came up with the name for this warlord and brought back a character that has already been a warlord twice. Anton.

When Anton was first revealed he was a great wizard, then he turned out to be a ranger and more importantly, a shape shifting dragon. Jin Valford had the Lycanthrope trait to represent his shape shifting, not to because he was actually a yscarite.  So, he was the perfect candidate for the Warlord I wanted to make. A character that can constantly shift shape by taking the abilities of Lycanthropes in play, but doesn't need the trait himself.

Unlike most other Free Kingdom warlords, Anton is all about using your army to buff himself, instead of the normal Free Kingdom trope of  Warlords buffing their army. Being a wizard and a rogue though, you might expect that. Anyway, I hope Antons selfish combat tactics and unique, broad ranging ability help to inspire new ways to play Free Kingdoms...him being a wizard probably helps that out too.


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