Saturday, September 22, 2012

4eX 6


So, hopefully these are without errors >.>  (got proofreader, hopefully I can see straight enough to make use of his corrections.) It takes a bit more time than I thought it would to typeset the cards and add artwork.

Anyway, if you want to see something specific (like, level 5 elf) lemme know, otherwise I will just keep posting whatever I like.

So, when I first started working on the set, I had the notion that some factions would summon creatures and that some would be anti-summon factions. I decided I didn't like that though and every faction has at least 1 summon character. You should be able to tell which factions are pro-summon and anti-summon though =)



  1. Just a thought. I think this guy should be called "Master Herm." It just makes more sense because every preceding "Redu" character has basically just been useful fodder for non-Daemon and Daemon Chosen characters. That said, he seems too powerful to be a mere "Redu" character.

  2. The story team says that he is "The best of the Redu" I think Redu are like elite warrior thralls, and this guy is the best of them, but he isn't master because he wasn't born a master.