Tuesday, September 18, 2012

4eX 2

So, I updated all the Alternate format pages to have all the rules.
I also added a follow thing over on the right. So you guys can follow the blog if you want. If there is any other way you prefer to follow let me know, I really don't look at blogs much.

Anyway, today's update. I went with a more characterful description...just cus I felt like it really.

First off we have Sir Oscar Ghenis, a devout warrior of the storm. Sir Oscar Ghenis finds strength in the storm, the presence of the holy Stormwraiths driving him to heroic feats as he stands firm against the unholy creatures summoned forth by Deverenias enemies.

Vermus Rowan is a skilled elven ranger, able to adapt his exquisite hunting skills against any foes ranged against him, unlike lesser rangers who are skilled at only slaying a single species. His life time of honing
skills in the forests have made him truly at home their and he is able to shape nature like the elven druids.

EDIT: Vermus is a fighter, not a rogue.[Fixed]

Every good captain needs a good first mate and with Mantus Heed, Admiral Veso may very well rule the seas as he so boldly claims. Mantus heed rules over the fleet second only to Veso himself, but he is master to the myriad creatures he has at his command.


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