Wednesday, September 19, 2012

4eX 3

This is a pretty special update IMO.  First off, we have a trio of dwarf characters that interact in a way we've never done before (I think, I can't think of anything atm at least >.>). After 10 years it is often difficult (maybe impossible) to come up with something entirely new that is both interesting and useable.Well, I will let you decide for yourself if we succeeded or not ^^;;

More importantly, the first card has new art. Raymond Greaves (Rayzer730 on the temple of lore) donated a piece of art to the cause (and has plans to let us use some more), so please every one give him a thank you! =)

Edit: Sorry for the earlier confusion. There were 2 major mistakes that really messed up these guys. They are fixed now though 

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