Sunday, December 23, 2012

4eX 58 - Error fixing


So there were some errors on the Aftermath set. I have endeavored to fix them. As of now, all of the errors I know of are fixed. The cards in the Box download area are replaced with fixed versions and the artscow pages are fixed.

Brother sterrance and Debris gargoyle both had text that didn't really make sense, so I reworded them to do what they were supposed to do.

Teka had a horrible picture error that has been fixed.

Karem tansiq and The world had incorrect or missing artist information

Gauntlets of Power, Stance of Vengeance and Wand of the Earth had art that was already in 4E and was thusly replaced.

Here is a list of the fixes with links for those that want to re-download them:

Teka - Picture fixed -
The Wolf - Artist added -
Brother Sterrance - Errata to his ability -
Debris gargoyle - Errata to his ability -
Karem Tansiq - Artist added -
Gauntlets of Power - Picture changed -
Stance of Vengeance - Picture changed -
Wand of the Earth - Picture changed -

Also, on the artscow front, besides the above fixes, 3 cards were not sized correctly: Contingencies, Forsake Riches and Honorless. Here is a Fixed card option for those of you who already ordered some and would like to replace the incorrect cards. This link does NOT have The Wolf or Karem Tansiq on it, but has 6 each of teka, brother sterrance, debris gargoyle, gauntlets of power, stance of vengeance, wand of the earth, honorless, forsake riches and contingencies.
Fixed cards:

One last thing: The free shipping from artscow expires on the 24th. They may offer other free shipping opportunities in the future or not. I have no idea.

If any of the my fixes turn out to not be fixed, please inform me asap o.o

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