Friday, December 7, 2012

Printing @ Artscow


So for any of you guys wanting to print out cards at artscow, I have taken the time to set up the entire set and share the links. The set up time can be kind of time consuming, and confusing if you've never done it before.  Anyway, in the downloads section there is now a Print section at the bottom. Just follow the links and add them to your cart.

A deck of 54 cards is 10 dollars. a Set of cards consists of 3 decks (146 cards in the set). There were 8 left over slots, so I filled them with summon characters that I thought would be the most numerous.

If your order is over 20 dollars you can use the Shipped20 coupon for free shipping. Although that expires soon. Check the home page of artscow for other coupons when it expires I guess.  The only problem with Arts cow is that without the free shipping, shipping costs can add up quick. However, I have not found a better, more user friendly place to print and the quality of the halloween cards was good.

Also, while I did order a set to check on quality, it has not arrived yet. Actually it's still processing. I suspect they are busy for the holidays so orders may take longer now than normal.  I expect the quality to be good based on the halloween promo's, but if you want to wait until I get my order in, I will announce when I do and if it's all good.


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