Monday, December 3, 2012

4eX-Aftermath-Finished @_@

So, yesterday had the final previews of my first fan-based extension to warlord. It was a lot more work than I expected =)  And I know it took a lot longer than most of you would have liked. I think I mentioned it before, but I wasn't actually ready when I announced, it just seemed like the right moment and if I waited any longer the game might have completely died off.  So anyway, some things:

1) The downloads section is complete for Aftermath, I added items and re-uploaded all the previous files. So anyone who downloaded them before, please do so again as many cards had typos that had to be fixed. I hope everything is okay now, but there is always room for error.

2) I will have some artscow links available soon, for the playset. I will not be making faction sets or class sets. For anyone who chooses to make their own sets, using the PNG files in the download section, I have zoomed out twice on each picture to get the right size in the non-bleed area. I zoomed out 4 times on the halloween stuff and it was a bit small.

3) I am planning on doing more sets in the future. Future sets will be 54 card expansions. What this means is that not all classes and levels per faction will be represented like they are in larger sets. All factions and classes will be represented in total though. (For example, Deverenians might simply find they get non level 1's and no wizards in an expansion. What this also means is that Warlords will not be released in every expansion. I am planning on every other expansion atm.  I am not sure when the next expansion will be ready. 3-4 months most likely. I will not do the super long preview period again. Since the set is smaller and a lot of the groundwork I had to create this time is already there, I plan on things going much more smoothly in the future.

4) I made a logo for Aftermath. It's conversion to tiny is not so good and I made it quickly, but whatever. It's something ^_^

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