Tuesday, December 11, 2012

image errors

So I said that was the last time I would update things but apparently I was wrong =)
Someone pointed out a major image error with Teka. Not sure how I and everyone else missed it (It was on like the 3rd blog post @_@)

Anyway, I had to fix it and while I was at it I noticed some minor image errors on some other cards. Most of the errors would not really be noticeable on the actual cards but they can be seen when looking at the images zoomed it.

None of these changes effect the text or gameplay of the cards, for those of you who have already printed some out. They are solely contained within the image area and most of them would probably not have been noticed. Teka would have been though, it was pretty major.

Hethrhod Aialla
Karem Tansiq
Poison Avatar
Alket Calix
Toma Glyn
Ghed Xevious
Anton Everchanging
The Rebellious
Yscarite Pack
Mantus Heed
Phantom Beast
Skeleton Warrior
Redu Herm
Render of Sanctity
Soul Rider
The Emaciated
Hoist the black flag

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