Thursday, December 6, 2012


I have read several comments about summon characters "After entering play from your hand" abilities and thought I would talk about it, to clear up some misconceptions.

When I started making summon characters, I had two options. Make them as playable only by summons or make them playable as normal and also be summoned. The conflict there is that a character you want in your deck will be more powerful than a character that is generated by an action. In general, most summoned characters don't have abilities, or have very limited abilities.

I did not want to make purely token characters if they were to be printed. It felt like a waste and kind of a cheat for the players, buying cards that are only useable via another card. So I decided to give characters, that were originally token characters, abilities that would only be available if played from your hand (IE, were in your deck) that way giving them a use outside of being summoned, but not making them more powerful than they should be when summoned.

Not all are like that, it's primarily level 1 characters. Bear for example, is the same whether summoned or not. However, it is much more difficult to have 10 bears in play than it is to have 10 skeleton warriors or mummy's in play.

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