Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Looking forward (and backward)


After the hectic mess of getting Aftermatch finished, I took a break ^_^  Also, there just isn't enough to talk about to post everyday if I'm not doing previews.  However, today I have things to say!

But first, a quote (it's long though)

"As a designer, I have to have both incredible hubris and unbelievable humility. It’s a tough thing to balance. When it comes to mechanics, I’m good at the hubris, I work hard on the humility. Sometimes the designer just has to believe that they are right, and that their vision is maintaining its pure vision. Other times, the designer has to listen to the testers and fans, and acquiesce his own control."

From here: http://www.belloflostsouls.net/2013/01/interview-mack-martin-takes-designers.html
The quote is from Mack Martin, designer of Dust Warfare and other such things

You might wonder why I posted that. Well, it is because it made much sense to me. I do not really have any formal design experience and have never really worked professionally in design, so a lot of what I do is a learning experience. I often struggle with listening to players/playtesters/designers/rules team/etc when opinions differ. I basically have to decide who is right. Sometimes it's easy enough to see that I am wrong about something, other times it takes some convincing and still others I remain convinced that I am correct.  Anyway, it was nice to see I'm not alone in that :P

So, hopefully you guys are enjoying Aftermath. Not sure how much has been played with it.  Well, I know some people are at least. ^_^
I would really like to see posts from anyone who has played some games with it =)  (still haven't except for playtest >.>)

Okay, so moving forward: I can't really remember if I have said any of this already so I may be repeating myself.

154 cards was too big. I will not do that again.  Hence forth, sets will be 54 cards. 54 because that's the size of a deck of cards printed at artscow.  However, 54 cards is rather small for a set. These will be more miniature sets. While every faction and class will be represented, not every level or subclass will be.  It will be something like 4-5 characters per faction and 2-4 actions and items per class. Plus maybe some classless stuff.

Due to the size of the sets I am not planning on releasing Warlords every set, but every other set.  I plan to get 2-3 expansions released by gencon.  

I also hope to do another Overlord set. The last one seemed to go over pretty well =)

And lastly, I put a donate button over above the links. Donations will not dictate whether I continue to make sets but will influence overlords, dragonlords and prize support for gencon and the like.

Any thoughts on this?  Do I use to many emoticons? I tried to tone it down >.<

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