Saturday, May 18, 2013

4eX - Return to the Accordlands - Post 17

So, still getting things finalized and still spoiling the actions. 5 more days of that I think

Anyway, something that might peak some interest.
Although I need to note, this set is split into 2 54 card parts. So while their are 8 characters total, only 4 are in each part. So the character selection is a bit strange looking when you only see half of it.

The Chosen by name and class...and what they hey, traits  (Red are first set, blue are second set)

Dark Fiend - level 1 evil fighter - Daemon, Planar
Anih - level 2 evil rogue - Assassin
Nevim - level 2 evil cleric - none
The Fallen - level 3 evil classless - none
Mistress Elabis - level 4 evil wizard - Monster
Eater of Dreams - level 4 evil classless - Daemon, Magic Resistance, Stealth
Night Stalker - level 5 evil rogue - Daemon, Planar, Stealth, Unique
Warlord (It's a mystery!)

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