Tuesday, May 21, 2013

4eX - Return to the Accordlands - Post 14

The previous card had the incorrect class and level. It is now fixed =)


  1. Who enters play spent in 4E??
    Is this a counter to Swamped or White Squall??

    1. I would imagine it is due to the ability of creating an illegal rank with this card. that character falls forward, you get a charisma check to ready him. it would require two of these cards though.

  2. Appears to be missing a level? I really like the effort shown in this set, but a few cards come off as overly wordy and convoluted. this one, and the ambiguation on bloodthirster, a few others. Keeping things a little more streamlined is always a good thing, and don't need such niche functions.

  3. Ugh, it is missing a level. It is also the wrong class. I'm not at home atm, but IIRC it is a lvl 4 fighter action