Tuesday, November 6, 2012

4eX 41


So, I resized all the character cards and will be replacing the download section soon. Which means everyone who downloaded them will have to redo so, sorry!  However, once everything is finished, Vhati is going to update the ToL spoiler so you only need the cards for printing =)

The reason I have not replaced everything yet is because I need to go back over everything and check for mistakes. For example: Picella should be Once per game.  Picella has a bear friend companion, she is not a bear breeder o.O A level 2 character that can perpetually generate characters for no cost other than spending was not intended ^^;;


I don't think I've shown much of what wizards do on the summoning side. So here is something for your necromantic horde needs.

And here is a card that I really like the concept of =)

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