Friday, November 2, 2012

4eX 38

So, I have now mailed out all the Halloween kits. Should be there next week sometime =)

Yarr, pirates!
The flag is not actually black, but its intentions are o.o
(I know there is the black banner art to use, but it is on a grassy knoll, where as this art could theoretically be on a ship..and I like the flag better)
 Another level 5 rogue action
I like bards >.>  I have to actively curb my love of bards and no make as many bard cards as I want to =)
This is basically just pull the strings, just a tad different.


  1. Mad Mels Pirates = Hardened Cut Throats?

    Also, if Mad Mel is the Warlord, he gets the Press Ganger in addition or instead of? I presume the former, but it's not clear (could add 'also')

    No rank restriction on Song Of Madness? That's very powerful.

  2. yes. I fixed that, thanks.

    It is both.